Affiliate Terms

As a MALA Brand Ambassador, you will receive personal affiliate links and/or coupon code(s) with which you can independently promote MALA.

You can post your affiliate link and/or coupon in a variety of ways to promote MALA*.
If this results in a successful sale, you will be credited with a commission.
Use your own content* or our photos from the content area.
Or share our stories on Instagram and insert your link or coupon.


    • Facebook
    • Instagram
      • Affiliate link:
        • profile description
        • Stories (Not all IG accounts can post links to Stories)
      • Coupons:
        • profile description
        • Stories
        • posts
  • Pinterest
  • Your blog / website
  • Whatsapp chats, groups, status
  • Snapchat, Tiktok, etc.

Saving your coupon code on coupon search engines such as,,, or similar sites is not permitted.
Coupons deposited on such sites will be deactivated.

  • earn commissions
    • As an affiliate partner, you earn a commission when:
      • A customer accesses our online shop via your affiliate link and buys a product there.
      • A customer redeems your coupon code to purchase a product.
    • You can view your current account balance, your commission rate and other statistics in the Referrals section of the Affiliate Area.
      • You can view your coupon codes in the Coupons section.
  • Payment of Commissions
    • Your collected commissions for a month will be credited to your store credit account on the 15th day of the following month.
    • If the dispatch of an article is delayed, eg in the case of pre-orders, the dispatch date is decisive for the commission.
    • If the sum of the commissions collected in a month is higher than €100, the amount will be paid out to the PayPal account specified in the Settings area on the 15th day of the following month.
    • If an order is returned or canceled between the time the order is placed and payment made, or if the customer’s payment fails, the associated commission will not be paid out. This amount can be seen in the sales chart as “Rejected Earnings”. Since all customers have a 14-day right of withdrawal, this delayed payment is necessary.
  • Redeem Store Credit
    • To redeem your store credit, you must be logged in at Then you can shop normally in our shop and redeem your available credit at the checkout.
  • Technical Limitations
    • The assignment of sales to affiliate links is done using so-called cookies on the customer’s device. If the customer prevents the use of cookies or deletes his cookies between the link click and the purchase, the sale cannot be assigned and no commission is credited. Coupon codes are not affected.


Both you and MALA are free to end our cooperation at any time without giving reasons. You can inform us of this informally by sending an email to In this case, any remaining credit will be paid out on the next billing date. Your account and all data that are not subject to statutory retention requirements will be deleted.

*MALA may not in connection with or in the context of content that incites racial hatred within the meaning of §§ 86, 131 StGB, trivializes or glorifies violence or war, advertises for terrorist organizations, encourages criminal offenses and/or extremist writings, discriminatory, contain insulting or defamatory statements, content with pornographic or youth-endangering writings and content within the meaning of Section 184 StGB or within the meaning of Sections 1, 6, 21 GjS and/or content with non-compliant content that violates national or international law, other regulations or offend against good morals are linked or mentioned, or are associated with such content in any other way.

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