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Mala Yoga Active Wear Elevate Collection. OUT NOW - NOW NEW!



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MALA yoga block made of cork



Mala Yoga Active Wear Elevate Collection. OUT NOW - NOW NEW!




Carrying Straps for yoga mats



MALA yoga block made of cork

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MALA yoga mats in the belove
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MALA premium yoga mats made of natural rubber in the online shop

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Your yoga mat is the most important accessory in your yoga practice. No matter whether you practice hot yoga, vinyasa yoga and other yoga, or whether you use your yoga mat as a Pilates mat, HIIT mat or fitness mat. Your yoga mat provides you with the basis for all your workouts. Therefore, it should meet several requirements at once. Your yoga mat should be non-slip, hygienic, high-quality, cold-insulating and made of skin-friendly material. In addition, the yoga mat should be comfortable to touch, absorb moisture and offer you a secure footing in all yoga asanas. MALA yoga mats combine all these properties and also look beautiful thanks to the unusual designs. Browse our online shop for yoga mats and yoga accessories to find your favorite yoga mat!

The right yoga mat: yoga mat guide

Which yoga mat is right for me?

That depends on many factors. Your yoga style or the nature of your fitness program play a role, as does your personal preference. Requirements for a good yoga mat are, for example:

  • Non-slip when you sweat
  • Non-slip without sweating
  • High quality, durability
  • Pleasant feel
  • Sustainable / Eco-friendly
  • Good cushioning
  • Firm stand
  • Easy to clean, (machine) washable, hygienic
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Beautiful design

Do you practice Hot Yoga, Hot Vinyasa Flow, Hot Inferno Pilates, HIIT or similar, so do you sweat a lot during your yoga practice - or are you looking for an unusual yoga mat with an unusual design? Then we recommend our Mala HYBRID yoga mats made of natural rubber with an absorbent microfiber surface. The microfiber surface becomes grippier the more you sweat, replacing your towel and absorbing extra moisture. So you can fully concentrate on your yoga practice or your workout, no more distraction from wrinkled towels under your feet. In addition, the velvety soft surface of the HYBRID yoga mat is super comfortable and pleasant to the touch. The base of the Mala HYBRID yoga mat made of natural rubber offers optimal cushioning for your joints and a firm footing for all yoga exercises that require balance.

Do you practice Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, do you only sweat moderately or not at all in your yoga practice or do you need maximum grip on your yoga mat even without sweating? Then we recommend our Mala INSTAGRIP yoga mats made of natural rubber with an extremely non-slip polyurethane surface. The surface of the Mala INSTRAGRIP yoga mat is extremely non-slip from the start of your asana practice. Even if you sweat a bit during your exercises, the yoga mat won't let you down because the surface absorbs moisture while retaining its non-slip properties. The clever markings make it easier for you to align yourself on the yoga mat, while the natural rubber floor is easy on your joints and offers you a firm footing for all balance yoga poses.

The right yoga mat thickness: Not too soft, not too hard.

The task of the yoga mat floor is difficult: it should not only isolate you from the cold floor, but also provide cushioning for your joints on the one hand and a solid base for balance poses on the other. A yoga mat that is too soft will not give you enough stability in balance yoga poses, while a yoga mat that is too hard can be uncomfortable and bad for your joints. With 3.5mm natural rubber, MALA yoga mats have the optimal thickness to combine both. Due to the solid natural rubber, our yoga mats give you a firm footing and optimal cushioning at the same time.

Premium yoga mat or cheap yoga mat?

There is now a wide range of cheap yoga mats, fitness mats, Pilates mats, etc. . Especially as a beginner, the temptation to reach for a supposed bargain is great. However, we recommend investing in a premium yoga mat right from the start, whether you are a beginner, advanced, professional yogi or yoga teacher. The reason is simple: the yoga mat is the center and foundation of your yoga practice. It is with you in every yoga class, you spend a lot of time on it and it should permanently withstand the stress of the yoga exercises. The yoga mat is the basic equipment for every yogi and should provide a solid foundation for your practice. Inexpensive yoga mats often cannot fulfill this, as they can quickly lose their elasticity and thus their cushioning, roll up at the edges, slip or tear on the floor, and can give off chemical odors and vapors. Many cheap yoga mats are also difficult to clean and take on unhygienic odors.

MALA yoga mats meet the highest quality standards. They're durable, lie flat on the floor, don't slip, wrinkle, and don't shed chemical odors. MALA yoga mats contain no phthalates, no glue and are suitable for people who are allergic to latex. The closed-pore structure of the natural rubber prevents odors and allows easy cleaning and hygienic cleanliness. With a yoga mat from MALA, you can fully concentrate on your yoga practice. And that permanently.

Unusual yoga mats: designer yoga mats from MALA

Do you need a yoga mat with an unusual design? We say yes! We believe that an extraordinary design on your yoga mat is not just "nice to have", but a real enrichment for your yoga practice. You spend many hours on your yoga mat. Why would you want to stare at a boring, monochromatic surface? A designer yoga mat increases motivation, has a calming effect and can help you stay focused in your yoga practice. Another advantage: due to the beautiful designs, MALA yoga mats are not annoying at home, but enhance the room. So you can leave your colorful yoga mat lying open like a carpet, always ready for the next yoga session. Find yoga mats printed with individual designs in our online shop!

Non-slip yoga mats: The right yoga mat for your yoga style

A non-slip yoga mat is a prerequisite for good yoga practice. This is the only way you can concentrate on your asanas and practice your yoga safely and relaxed. The yoga mat must be non-slip on both sides. On the one hand, there must be no slipping on the floor. This ensures the basis of all MALA yoga mats made of natural rubber. On the other hand, the yoga mat must have a non-slip surface so that your hands and feet have enough grip on the mat. Different yoga styles place different demands on the surface of the yoga mat. No, light or moderate sweating requires a non-slip surface even when dry, which also retains its grip when wet. For this we recommend our Mala INSTAGRIP yoga mats, whose PU surface offers maximum grip from the first moment of yoga practice. Thanks to its moisture-absorbing properties, the surface also absorbs sweat without losing its slip resistance.

Heavy sweating, such as in hot yoga, requires a surface that acts like a towel, can absorb a lot of moisture and remains non-slip. For this we recommend our Mala HYBRID yoga mats. Its microfiber surface unfolds its grip as soon as it gets a little damp and remains very non-slip even with a lot of sweat.

Sustainable yoga mats - at MALA standard.

The basis of our yoga mats is made from the sustainable, renewable and biodegradable raw material natural rubber. The surface of our Mala HYBRID yoga mat is made of recycled polyester, which is permanently embossed with our designs using water-based dyes using the sublimation process. The surface of our Mala INSTAGRIP yoga mat is made of environmentally friendly polyurethane, which is permanently laser engraved with our design and alignment markings, without any paint. The surface and base are bonded directly to each other without any adhesives. The high quality of our yoga mats also means a long service life and thus increased sustainability compared to cheap disposable products.

Yoga accessories from MALA: drinking bottles and yoga mat carrying straps

Drinking bottles with vacuum insulation

In our online shop you will find non-slip design yoga mats as well as yoga accessories. Vacuum-insulated stainless steel drinking bottles with bamboo lids keep your drink hot or cold all day long. Enjoy cold water during a hot yoga class or hot tea on cold winter days from your MALA drinking bottle. The stainless steel makes the drinking bottles durable, sustainable and unbreakable, so that you can easily take them with you to any yoga studio compared to glass bottles. Our thermos water bottles are plastic-free and BPA-free. Good for the environment, good for you!

Straps for yoga mats

Yoga mat straps, or MALA straps for short, are the easiest way to transport your yoga mat. Unlike a carrying bag, the carrying strap fits every yoga mat size, is easy to use, self-closing and always lets fresh air into your yoga mat. Besides, it would be a shame to hide your beautiful design yoga mat in a bag. Each MALA strap is handcrafted in Germany - yoga mat straps made in Germany. The natural leather for our straps comes from cattle from the Allgäu and is manufactured in a traditional tannery without chemical additives. With a carrying strap from MALA, you always have your yoga mat with you - on the way to the yoga studio, to a yoga class in the park or to a yoga session with friends.

MALA Yoga: The brand for yoga accessories designed in Germany

MALA Yoga stands for quality products with an extraordinary design.

Since we only sell items that we use ourselves, we stand behind them 100%.

In addition to sustainable materials, quality also contributes to the sustainability of a product. That is why we produce durable products from environmentally friendly raw materials.

We are particularly proud of our designs, which we develop ourselves with great attention to detail and a wide variety of techniques.

Convince yourself in our online shop!

Top quality yoga accessories for your workout

You need the right accessories so that you feel good all round during yoga and can concentrate fully on your workout. You can rely on MALA Premium Yoga products. We offer you a selection of high-quality yoga accessories that you can use yourself or give as a gift. Our yoga accessories are suitable for all types of yoga, such as hot-yoga, vinyasa yoga and more. You can use our yoga mat as an accessory for more than just your yoga exercises. It is also ideal as a Pilates and fitness mat and can also be used as a HIIT mat.


High quality standards for every Product

You can rely on the high quality of our yoga accessories without exception. We have this requirement for both the material and the workmanship. Our mats and active wear are produced responsibly and are subject to strict specifications. With our yoga mats, you can rely not only on a pleasant feel, but also on good cushioning. Our mats are also sustainable and environmentally friendly because they are made from natural rubber.


Order the right yoga gift for your loved ones from us

Are you looking for a gift idea for friends or family members who enjoy yoga? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have a selection of products that make wonderful yoga gifts. Whether it’s a mat, water bottle or yoga leggings – you can look forward to high quality and an appealing design with all the products in our range. We deliver your order to your doorstep free of charge for orders over 50€ within Germany. We process your order quickly, usually within one business day. Your yoga accessories will be delivered to the address of your choice within four working days.

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