Affiliate Terms

As a MALA brand ambassador, we provide you with personalezed affiliate links and/or coupon codes, which you can use to independently promote MALA.

You can use your affiliate llinks and coupons  in different ways to promote MALA*.
If this results in a succesful sale (conversion), you will be rewarded a commision.
You can use your own content or pictures from our content library to promote the products.
Or you can share our instagram stories and add your affiliate link or coupon code to them.


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
    • Affiliate link:
      • Link in bio
      • Link in stories (Not all IG-accounts are able to insert links into stories)
    • Coupons:
      • Coupon Code in bio
      • Stories
      • Posts / feed
  • Pinterest
  • Your blog / website
  • Whatsapp chats, groups, status
  • Snapchat, Tiktok, etc.


  • Earning commisions
    • You earn a commision when:
      • A customer clicks on your affiliate link and purchases a product in our shop (successful sale / conversion).
      • A customer uses your coupon code to purchase a product in our shop.
    • You can view your current balance, referrals, referral rate and other statistics under “Referrals” inside the affiliate area.
    • If you have coupon codes, you can view them under “Coupons” inside the affiliate area.
  • Commision payouts
    • Your collected monthly commisions will be deposited to your store credit account on the 15th of the following month.
    • If your collected commisions reach more than 100€ in one month, the amount will be deposite to your PayPal account.
    • If an order is cancelled or returned or the payment does not succeed, the corresponding commision will not be paid out This amount will be visible to you as “Rejected Payouts” inside the affiliate area. Because of our 14-day return policy, the timeout beween order and payout is neccesary.
  • Spending store credit
    • To spend your store credit, you need to be logged into the affiliate area. You can then go to our store and make a regular order. Your store credit will be displayed and be redeemable upon checkout.
  • Technical limitations
    • The connection between affiliate links and sales is tracked via cookies on the customers device. If the customer has disabled cookies or deletes them before purchasing a product, the sale cannot be connected to the affiliate link and thus will not be counted. Coupon codes are not affected by this limitation.


You as an affiliate partner and MALA have the right to cancel the partnership at any time without further notice. If you wish to cancel the partnership, just send us an email to MALA will delete your account and all associated data which is not subject to laws of mandatory data storage periods. In case of partnership cancellation, the remaining affiliate balance will be payed out.

*MALA may not be mentioned in conjunction with or in any way be associated with racism, sexism, violence, discrimitation, terrorism, extremism, war or military propaganda, insulting content, pornographic content, or illegal activities.

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