Mala INSTAGRIP Yoga Mat Aubergine Lotus

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  • Ultimate grip and perfect alignment in any asana
  • Laser engraved guide lines for easy alignment
  • High-tech polyurethane surface absorbs moisture for ultimate traction even with sweaty hands and feet
  • 100% Natural rubber base for optimal cushioning and secure stance, eco firendly and biodegradable
  • Odor-preventing closed-cell structure
  • No curling edges, no slipping on the ground
  • Calming, beautiful Lotus design keeps your focus on your practice
  • No toxic glue
  • Easy to clean
  • Extra big: 186 cm x 64 cm, thickness: 4.5 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
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Our solution for highest demands for grip and precision.



and perfect alignment in every asana

The Mala INSTAGRIP Yoga mat combines unparalleled non-slip properties
and precision alignment with outstanding designs and premium quality materials.

Meet highest demands

The Mala INSTAGRIP Yoga Mat is your compynion for Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Acro Yoga, Power Yoga, Pilates, Deep Core and all other Workouts that demand maximum grip. The integrated guide lines make alignment a breeze. The natural rubber base provides optimal cushioning, secure stance and keeps the mat flat on the ground.

Unparalleled grip

The  new polyurethane surface provides maximum grip and rock-solid stance in every asana. Downward Dog or Triangle - Your hands and feet stay firmly rooted on the ground. The PU surface absorbs moisture, giving you safe grip even if you should break a sweat.

Perfect alignment

The  design of the Mala INSTAGRIP contains precise guides on various axes, that enable you to master perfect alignment. They are permanently laser-engraved, so they won't fade. The minimalistic design is calming and helps you to keep your focus.

100% natural rubber base

The base of the Mala HYBRID Yoga Mat is biodegradable and made from sustainable resources. It is directly attached to  the top layer without any glue. The ​base  prevents the mat from slipping , even in the most dynamic flows, and will always lay flat on the floor.

Solid stance and extra space

The thickness of 4.5mm provides soft cushioning for your joints while giving secure stance in all balancing poses. Say goodbye to wobbeling around on thick yoga mats. The Mala INSTAGRIP Yoga Mat provides 186cm x 64cm room for your practice. Weight: Appr 3.5kg.

Easy to clean

To clean you Mala INSTAGRIP Yoga Mat, you can simply rinse it under the shower. The closed cell sturcture does not absorb moisture and won't develop unpleasant smells. For more details please follow our washing instructions on the FAQ section.

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Gewicht 3.5 kg


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