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Mala Yoga Mat carrying Strap Macrame natural

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  • Macrame carrying strap for your yoga mat
  • Handmade in Indonesia
  • Natural colored cotton with tassel and wooden rings
  • Suitable for all yoga mats
  • self-closing
  • Easy to attach
  • Handmade
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Smooth natural leather. Easy handling. Safe transport.

keepin’ it


The MALA strap is a high quality leather strap for carrying your yogamat.
The clean design of the MALA Strap lets you integrate your yoga mat into your daily life with ease.
Different from a mat bag, it is easy to handle and your mat will always get fresh air.
This is why the MALA Strap is not just a stylish way of carrying your mat,
but also to store it in between yoga sessions.

Handmade in Germany

Every single MALA strap is carefully handcrafted with all our love. Starting with the design, everything from the making of the straps, the sewing of the wooden tags to the wrapping with recycled material is handmade in Germany.

Smooth natural leather

In our making process, we only use highest quality natural leather with no artificials added. The MALA strap is made from leather that has it’s origin in southern Germany. Produced in a traditional tannery, no chemicals are used to tan the leather. Being soft and smooth it is the perfect material for your yoga mat strap!

Convenient and comfortable

The MALA strap is the perfect way to have your yoga mat with you at all time. Whether you’re walking, riding a bike, or catching a train. It is suitable for all mat sizes, easy to handle and self-tightening. It is also a simple way to store your mat at home; easy and beautiful!

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