Mala HYBRID Yoga Mat Sunrise Mandala

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  • “Sunrise Mandala”: Inspired by the beautiful colors of the sunrise
  • Floral elements and warm colors create a pleasant atmosphere
  • The design is hand-drawn, making it unique!
  • All-in-one yoga mat and towel: Ecological natural rubber with an absorbent microfibre surface
  • Especially non-slip when sweating, stable stand and optimal cushioning. No more annoying wrinkles under your feet!
  • Eco-friendly, water-based colors, permanent thanks to sublimation printing.
  • Natural rubber biodegradable
  • Machine washable, durable, sustainable.
  • Perfect for hot yoga, vinyasa, bikram yoga, crossfit, fitness and other sweaty workouts.
  • Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm. Thickness: 3.5mm Weight: 2.5kg
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Perfect for hot yoga and other sweaty workouts.



made of microfiber towel and natural rubber yoga mat

The Mala HYBRID yoga mat connects
exceptional designs with functional
Microfiber and natural rubber
in premium quality.

Ideal for hot yoga, vinyasa, etc.

The Mala HYBRID Yoga Mat is your companion for all sweaty workouts such as Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Yoga, Hot Pilates, etc..
The microfiber surface replaces your towel: it absorbs moisture and gives you better grip the more you sweat.
The rubber floor ensures a secure footing, optimal cushioning and a firm footing.
No more distractions from wrinkled towels or slipping mats!

2-in-1: yoga mat and towel

The velvety soft, absorbent microfiber surface not only feels fabulous: It absorbs moisture, offers you optimal grip when sweating and replaces an additional towel. No more annoying creases under your feet, no more unnecessary dragging!

Floor made of 100% natural rubber

The bottom of the Mala HYBRID Yoga Mat is biodegradable , made from renewable raw materials and directly connected to the surface without adhesives . It lies flat and firmly on the ground , so that your mat is protected from slipping even during dynamic flows .

Easy cleaning

The Mala HYBRID Yoga Mat can easily be placed in the Washing machine cleaned (max. 30 °C, do not spin) or be rinsed off in the shower . The closed-pore structure does not become saturated - so there are no bad smells , the mat is light hygienic to keep clean and dries quickly . Please note the washing instructions in our FAQ .

Firm stance in all asanas

The thickness of 3.5 mm protects your joints with gentle cushioning and at the same time offers you a firm footing for all balance poses. No more wobbling on yoga mats that are too thick! The mat offers you 183 cm x 61 cm space for your practice. weight: approx. 2.5kg

Luminous beautiful designs

We are particularly proud of our designs, which we have developed with great attention to detail and a wide variety of techniques. The high-resolution designs are immortalized in the fibers by sublimation and therefore retain their luminosity over the long term.

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Weight 2,7 kg
Dimensions 183 × 61 × 0,35 cm
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