Mala HYBRID Yoga Mat Flying Carpet

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  • Flying Carpet: Inspiriert by the magic carpets of 1001 arabic nights.
  • Wiederkehrende symmetrische Elemente helfen dir, dich auf der Yogamatte noch besser auszurichten.
  • Das Design ist handgezeichnet und wirkt dadurch einzigartig!
  • All-in-one Yogamatte und Handtuch: Ökologischer Naturkautschuk mit saugfähiger Mikrofaser-Oberfläche
  • Besonders rutschfest beim Schwitzen, stabiler Stand und optimale Dämpfung. Keine lästigen Falten mehr unter den Füßen!
  • Umweltfreundliche Farben auf Wasserbasis, dauerhaft durch Sublimationsdruck.
  • Naturkautschuk biologisch abbaubar
  • Maschinenwaschbar, langlebig, nachhaltig.
  • Perfekt für Hot-Yoga, Vinyasa, Bikram-Yoga, Crossfit, Fitness und andere schweißtreibende Workouts.
  • Maße: 183 cm x 61 cm. Dicke: 3,5mm, Gewicht: 2,5 Kg
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Perfect for Hot Yoga and other sweaty workouts.



Of microfiber towel and natural rubber yoga mat 


The Mala HYBRID yoga mat combines extraordinary desings
with with the functionality of a Microfiber towel
and a natural rubber yoga mat in premium quality.

Perfect for Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, etc.

Die The MALA HYBRID Yoga Mat is your companion for Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates and overall sweaty workouts. The microfiber surface replaces your towel: It absorbs moisture and gives you better grip the more you sweat.

The natural rubber base provides cushioning,
solid stance, and prevents the mat from slipping on the ground. No more distractions by bunched towels or slipping mats!

All in one: Yoga mat and towel

The microfiber suede surface does not only feel super soft, it is highly absorbant and provides better grip the more you sweat. No need for an additional towel and no more annoying wrinkles under your feet.

100% natural rubber base

The base of the Mala HYBRID Yoga Mat is biodegradable and made from sustainable resources. It is directly attached to  the top layer without any glue. The ​base  prevents the mat from slipping , even in the most dynamic flows, and will always lay flat on the floor.

Easy to clean

You can simply machine wash your Mala HYBRID Yoga Mat (cold: max 30 °C/ 86°F, no spinning) or rinse it under the shower. The closed cell sturcture does not absorb moisture, won't develop unpleasant smells and dries quickly - providing effortless hygiene. For a long and colorful life please follow our washing instructions on the FAQ section.

Secure stance in all asanas

The thickness of 3.5mm provides soft cushioning for your joints while giving secure stance in all balancing poses. Say goodbye to wobbeling around on thick yoga mats. The Mala HYBRID Yoga Mat provides 183cm x 61cm room for your practice. Weight: Appr 2.5kg.

Vivid, colorful designs

We are especially proud of our designs,which we created with a lot of love and attention to detail, using all sorts of different methods. The high resolution designs are sublimated directly into the microfiber for the most vivid, non-fading colors.

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